Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who has access to my information once I’ve registered on your website?

A. No one but us. We do not give your information to any third party, and we use only the information that is absolutely necessary when contacting webmasters or service providers. At times, we may have to verify your identity with certain service providers, but we will always ask your permission first. We take privacy VERY seriously.

Q. How do you erase negative information that’s on other people’s sites?

A. While we don’t have the access that would allow us to literally erase it, we have many tools at our disposal. These include internet tools, negotiating skills, legal knowledge and an in-depth understanding of how the search engines work. We can prepare the necessary paperwork to prove content as libelous or slanderous, flag inappropriate or inaccurate content, and much more. Through these means, there is nothing we can’t erase or bury.

Q. What if I have a common name like John Williams? How will you find information about me?

A. We will first collect information about you, such as your education and work background, location, personal history and other pertinent data. This will help us locate content that is written specifically about you and not someone else.

Q. How is your service better than any tech-savvy web-surfer?

A. The main difference between our team of experts and a typical computer whizz is that we’ve been doing this for years. It’s not enough to simply find the surface results; to get rid of negative content, you need to chase down each and every link. There are also skills involved that go beyond simply using the technology, such as communicating with webmasters and employing marketing strategies to improve your reputation. What our service gives you is both – the technological know-how and the specific skills needed to successfully keep your reputation untarnished.

Q. Does this service really work?

A. We have a high success rate and thousands of happy clients, from private individuals to large companies. Because cleaning up an online reputation isn’t a one-time job, we continue monitoring what is being said about you through our sophisticated tools so that we can make sure that new negative content is dealt with quickly before it can cause serious damage.

Q. When will I start seeing results?

A. We’ll get started attacking your attackers right away. You will begin to see results fast, but please keep in mind that there are some sites which take longer than others. SEO strategies may take some time to produce the needed effect. However, getting started as soon as possible can minimize the damage.

Q. How long does it take to get started?

A. It takes no time at all. We will ask you for your business data and input it into our system. We will then send you a link to verify your account. From there, you can access everything, make changes and contact us directly.

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