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Posted on November 19, 2013 by Online Reputation Management Social Media Marketing

Why Use Facebook and Twitter for ORM and Social Media Marketing

In order to exist in today’s business world, you need to maintain a strong presence and engage users on Facebook and Twitter. This is necessary to attract new customers and to manage your reputation and nurture existing customers. Twitter and Facebook marketing plans usually focus on creating content that encourages readers to share and to attract attention.

Social Media Marketing

By creating buzz using these social media sites, you utilize electronic word of mouth, statements users share over the internet about a service, event, company, product, or brand. As the message spreads, it becomes more reputable because it appears it is coming from trusted acquaintances rather than the company or brand itself. This is the modern “earned media” as opposed to the older form of advertising known as “paid media.”

We will more in depth into the following reasons why you should step up your Facebook and Twitter marketing efforts:

We feel that last one, ORM, is so important that we are going to dedicate a whole section to it. But first, the others.

What Marketing on Facebook and Twitter Can Do for You

No matter what industry you are in, your company can benefit from marketing on Twitter and Facebook. Social media has a total reach that far exceeds almost every other market. The numbers of users are always growing for these two social media sites. At last count, Twitter has over 75 million accounts, and Facebook has over 500 million active users. The average age of Facebook users is 38 years old. For Twitter, it is 39.

Although there are many avenues for advertising on these platforms, they are rarely as successful as publishing useful content, answering users’ questions, and posing your questions. In other words, really engaging users has supplanted tired old paid advertising as the best way to reach new customers. Best of all, you can build up your expertise status and build up a following with these new techniques.

Users are already spending a lot of time on Facebook and Twitter. That is where the feel comfortable. By having a strong marketing presence on these sites, you will reach the exactly right markets for your business’s purposes.

Traditional social media exposure comes with zero costs. Sure, there are some intriguing ways to purchase ads on Facebook and Twitter, but it is the free methods that tend to take off and “go viral.” It does take a lot of effort and time to build up your social media presence. But, this online fame comes at no monetary cost to you.

Search engines are starting to use Facebook and Twitter heavily in their algorithms. If your website or links are being shared heavily on these platforms, you can expect to enjoy a high search ranking. In this way, building your presence will help drive traffic to your website.

Online Reputation Management on Facebook and Twitter

Social media profiles present a great opportunity for you to obtain prime real estate in search engine results. Why is that important? Let’s say one of your competitors starts a smear campaign against you with an anonymous website. If you just have your website touting your merits, it is unlikely to drown out your competitor’s vile website. But, if you have popular social media profiles in conjunction with optimized subdomains on your main website, you can take over the search results and bury any misinformation on the second or third page of search. You can also use the profile to address user concerns and directly engage your consumers.

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