Scrubbing Your Online Profile to Avoid a PR Disaster

Posted on December 22, 2013 by Online Reputation Management

Scrubbing Your Online Profile to Avoid a PR Disaster is essential to saving your reputation and the future of your business. Could you imagine if BP didn’t have great consultants after their oil drilling issues a few years ago? The reason they survived is Nu Profile’s PR disaster service that helps to battle the worse crisis online and offline with our help there are no worries to be had on your end.

What Is a Scrub?

Typically, a business has a pretty good grasp on how they portray themselves to the public and, as a given, how they interact with the public. From the get-go, businesses usually have some rather strict rules for employees when they talk to clients and there’s a designated response for just about anything.

If there isn’t, then you have management to turn to that can fill in the blanks as a trusted member of the company.

A lot of things can happen that will turn around a business’s good conduct. While there are things set in place that cover the basics of interacting with clients and the public, there is rarely anything a company can actually do that prepares them for any of the following:

• A customer gets injured by a product you make

• An employee breached company conduct and acted in an incredibly unprofessional manner

• A disgruntled customer thinks you intentionally scammed them

• A misunderstanding gets exacerbated for a various number of reasons

Most of the time, the recipe for a PR disaster is exactly what you can’t prepare for. If your product is suddenly defective and hurts multiple people, there is nothing that you can do except deal with the media storm that immediately follows afterwards.

Does It Really Matter For Your Business?

Just sitting back and letting the terrible situation pile on more and more negative reviews and stories about your brand isn’t such a great idea, though. Taking accountability for the mistakes that happened go a long way, but sometimes the priority just has to be damage control and minimizing the prevalence of statements and things that can be somehow turned against you.

For example, if you sell cars, and your cars suddenly harm people because of a defective steering wheel, all those humorous company tweets about a broken steering wheel probably aren’t a good thing to keep around. Things that used to be innocent can now be twisted into something that solidifies the villain status you’re trying to contend with, and at this point that’s the complete opposite of what you’re looking for.

A scrub is just that. When it comes down to it, you need a team of professionals that can go through every inch of your company and everything that involves your company and determine what can be used against your brand and promptly get rid of it. At the same time, promoting some positive content would be a good idea because people will inevitably be searching your business on Google. When they do, they should find something that paints your business in a positive light and hopefully not something that connects your past interactions to some present day fiasco that, in reality, have no relevance toeach other but has become a convenient way to build a mob case against your reputation. You can prevent that, so why not do it?

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