How You Can Be Your Biggest Online Reputation Advocate

Posted on November 14, 2013 by Online Reputation Management Reputation Advocate social media

How You Can Be Your Biggest Online Reputation Advocate

Online reputation management is a relatively new field online, as the Internet has continued to change the scape of how people do business and interact with one another. While hiring a professional online reputation management for make sense for a large corporate office, it does not always make sense for the small business or the individual who is seeking a job. With NuProfile, you can be your biggest online reputation advocate.

Why Your Online Reputation Matters

People are looking at you. You may not realize it, but it is possible for anyone, anywhere, to search your name online whenever they want. While a prospective employer is likely the first person to come to mind, other people who may be looking at you include:

The list goes on. As many as 78% of recruiters search a prospective contact before offering an interview. Still think it doesn’t matter? Take a look at these numbers from a Microsoft Study released in 2012:

How NuProfile Helps

NuProfile can help you: manage your social media accounts, post relevant material to your biographical websites, and create resumes online. This will allow you to advocate who you are, and that you will not stand for the negative material being posted about you elsewhere online. Anyone can be violated online, and anyone can restore their reputation with the help of NuProfile .

It works like this:

Removing negative information online isn’t easy. Typically, once something is online it is always there, but, a number of techniques can edit the information or push it so far down the search engines that no one can find it anymore.

Do You Need a Better Online Reputation?

Do you know what your online reputation looks like? Take a second to search your own name online. What results come up on the first page? More than likely, you’ll see results from Facebook, LinkedIn, and other big name websites. If you own your name as a domain, you’ll probably see that, too.

If you’ve not been involved in any criminal activity or strange things that could pop up within the first couple of pages online, you may think you’re safe. In reality, all your social media updates are cataloged, and even if you delete them, they can still be accessed by the right people, and simply making your profile “private” isn’t enough. Think before you post!

Anyone can become a victim of a bad online reputation. All it takes is one misstep, and it can be blown out of proportion. You can’t control what others are going to say and do, but you can control what others will see. Protect yourself and your personal brand.

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