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Posted on December 5, 2013 by Online Reputation Management

Public relations go a long way in ensuring that your company stays on the good side of the people, but there’s often a different side of things that needs to be addressed that, well, gets ignored. To most, there is no difference between public relations and media relations. After all, isn’t the media a part of the public?

The answer to that question is yes… and no. As with most things in life, these situations are often more complicated than they should be. A disgruntled customer who wasn’t happy with their service has less of an ultimate impact than a news agency that releases an article that slams your product. This isn’t to say that the opinion of the customer doesn’t matter, because it most certainly does. However, it is undeniable that the two different circumstances each come with their own unique set of problems and obstacles that the company must learn to leap over or, in the worst case scenario, trip over the barrier and get knocked out of the race.

At any rate, getting knocked back by the media will slow you down even during the times you think your financials and brand are starting to really pick up speed. While you and your employees might be about to hit a milestone, a slam piece from an organization that is read by hundreds will hurt you no matter what.

If your business fits into any of the following categories, you need a helping hand that can rise to the challenge when things get tough.

• Your business interacts with the public.

• Your business sells products to the public.

• Your business is often in the public eye.

• Your business is an easy target for media publications as the service fits within the latest “scandal”.

Yup, you guessed it. Your business meets one of those categories and, in some cases, might meet half or more of them. Don’t fret however, because…

Keep Pace with the Media

It’s entirely possible to meet the expectations of your clients, maintain a high level of quality, and stay on the good side of the media! A lot of different things can happen in a really short period of time, and it’s nothing personal when a news group jumps on the opportunity of reporting on something that might end up being a hit story. It’s the way their business works, and it happens in other businesses that this situation gets handled a little poorly.

For example, how many businesses do you know that address the concerns of the public and the questions posed by the media in a legitimate and understandable manner? How many businesses are there that simply state, “no comment,” and hope the problem goes away after a while?

Does it work? Sometimes. Bigger companies tend to be able to get away with it much easier than the littler guys because they have so many different spheres of influence no matter where they operate, but the real question here is whether or not it’s what you should do. An excellent analogy for this problem is when you have a particularly nasty cold. Will this cold go away on its own? Yeah, eventually. Can the cold go away faster with proper treatment? Most definitely. Interacting with the media is certainly no

exception to this.

How NuProfile Can Rise to Your Needs

By working together with’s team of professionals, you receive a guarantee of excellent service that ensures your satisfaction and, more importantly, the safety of your brand and business. By placing your trust in our experts, you can rest easily knowing that the team working for you is in tune with your mantra and can provide excellent media relations even in times of absolute disaster.

Not only will we interact with all media outlets on your behalf, we’ll make sure that the facts are always straight and that no false information gets touted as reality. No matter the situation, we’ve got you covered, even if the most important issue at the time is someone’s school project. We just like to see it as practice for when the fireworks start.

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