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CNN MentionHow Negative Reviews Can Tarnish Your Online Reputation

“A few negative reviews, out of control rant from an ex-employee, unsatisfied or vague customers, unflattering links, or critical blog posts online can tarnish your reputation…”


Forbes MentionReputation Management How it Affects your Business

“Suppose your daughter were dating someone you wanted to investigate at least lightly? If he’d been recently arrested, this would be information you’d want to know. The same with prospective employees.”


Sun Sentinel MentionCyber maids clean up your online image

“Businesses such as Nu Profile and SoVi Digital are growing in popularity as people and companies realize the role their online reputation plays in everyday search engine results.”

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Entrepreneur MentionHow to Repair a Damaged Reputation Online

“When there is a crisis or challenge, the leader of the company needs to stand up and put a voice to their company, a face on it,” she says. “Going through this was traumatic, but it really did make us stronger.”


Denver Post MentionCompanies spring up to manage online images and reputations

“An April study by media research firm BIA/Kelsey found that small and mid-sized businesses will spend about $700 million to monitor consumer online opinions in the next year.”


Wall Street Journal MentionHoping to Fix Bad Reviews? Not So Fast

“Online-reputation companies generally try to bury bad reviews by boosting the search rankings of more positive information about a company. Tactics include publishing a series of online releases filled with positive news about the business.”


Bloomberg Cracked – Nu Profile: A Company That Can

“There is nothing more heart-warming than receiving dozens of letters each year from clients.” These clients thank us for saving their businesses, their lives, and most importantly the lives of their families.


Realtor Mag MentionBusinesses Pop Up Offering to Erase Negative Reviews

“Customers are increasingly taking to online review sites to post positives and criticisms about companies and services they use, including real estate services.”


Herald MentionCompanies spring up to manage online images

“Richart Ruddie works to counteract negative comments for clients by creating more flattering content, such as profiles on the social networking sites Facebook or LinkedIn.”

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INC MentionReputation Management Services: Worth It?

“Small businesses are expected to double spending on online reputation monitoring services over the next year to more than $700 million. These services promise to minimize negative reviews from crowdsourced sites.”


Angie's List  MentionHoping to Fix Bad Reviews? Not So Fast

“Small and midsize U.S. businesses are expected to spend $700 million on tech tools or platforms to monitor customer opinions on the Web over the next year, more than double the spending in the past 12 months, according to BIA/Kelsey.”

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