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Posted on February 20, 2012 by Online Reputation Management

We Serve as your very own and personal Reputation Management Defender

When you hear the words “protect your reputation”, what comes to mind? It’s common that people will have the perception that online reputation organizations are in the shady zone of conduct. For example, how does one get rid of a negative review if not by faking positive ones? Unfortunately, these opinions are common enough that in your every-day conversations you’ll likely receive a judgmental look if you tell someone you’re working with a company that protects your reputation on the internet.

The plus side of this is that it’s not quite true and that great reputation organizations don’t deal with shady business practices and actually have standards for who they work with. If your business has been proven to be involved with illegal acts or generally being negative towards your clientele, most organizations that deal with your reputation will turn you away at the door.

Reputation Defender

Take a Look at the Facts When Hiring a Reputation Defender Such as Nu Profile

So, let’s have a peek at where your business stands and what makes sure you’re eligible to receive legitimate assistance from a reputable service.

• If your business has negative reviews that aren’t true.

• If your business is involved in a legal battle that sees you as having a real case for being innocent.

• If your business is lacking positive reviews although there have been plenty of great things said in person or in obscure corners of the web.

• If your business has recovered from a spree of false information but still has a damaged web presence when it comes to search input and priority in searches.

At its very basic core, companies that help you with your reputation are looking for conditions that scream your business is innocent or lacking balance but that reality isn’t currently meeting those needs.

It’s up to these companies to bring about a few changes that all cater to what you are specifically looking for. If the auto-fill search results for your business are clogged with references to a prior legal case or a scam claim that became viral, then that automatically reduces someone’s opinion of your reputation, especially if there are no auto-fill results that are positive.

Most people have the opinion that the auto-fill is determined by how many people search those specific terms, and there’s a little bit of truth to this thought. It’s true that the more a certain key phrase gets searched, the higher it’ll be. However, it also comes down to the relevancy and quality of the results of that key phrase. There may be a ton of results for “[Your Company] is awesome”, but are these reviews and results on reputable websites that are seen positively by Google and various programs that monitor and ensure quality of search engines?

A great review on will go light years further than a great review on which looks like it was pieced together twenty years ago and is riddled with horrible mistakes in the code and the webpages themselves. The better the website, the better the results.

What Can Do For You With Their Reputation Management and Defender Services

We at Nu Profile get that, we really do. In fact, that’s what we focus on when it comes to analyzing all the content that references your company on the internet. We understand more than anything that unwanted content and negative reviews are a huge problem and that they receive more attention than all the good things.

It’s with that in mind that we can reliably say that while all the negative content on your business will quickly wash away with our state of the art conduct, we’ll also be giving some of the positive content available a big boost as we sit down and have a chat with you about how we can generate more great content and keep the bad content away. We’ll get the good stuff in a spotlight, guaranteed.

*Please note that we are not associated nor do we work with the company that was previously known as reputation defender but changed their name due to negative reviews.

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